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We provide roll off dumpsters delivered directly to you in Millbrae, Ca and throughout the Bay Area. Our dumpster rentals allow you to remove unwanted junk, trash, rubbish, or debris, which often accrues from many routine home improvements, construction, cleaning and other remodeling projects for both your commercial and residential needs. We have dumpster sizes to fit every need, as illustrated below. Just fill our roll off dumpster and call for pickup. We'll dispose of your unwanted trash or debris for you. Millbrae dumpster rental prices can be found here.


Millbrae Junk Removal, Rubbish, Waste, Debris & Trash Removal & Hauling
7DAYSBOX started out as a junk removal service company in 2008 and we still offer our junk removal service for both commercial waste removal and residential debris and trash removal around the Bay Area. We pickup your non-hazardous waste, debris, junk, and rubbish and haul it away for your. Junk hauling was never easier!

7 Days Box works hard to provide fast and excellent junk hauling and dumpster services at very competitive rates. Check our junk removal page for rates. We want our customers to be satisfied with our services and use us again in the future.


Available Debris Box (Dumpster) Sizes
L:8 ft
W: 8 ft
H:2.5 ft
L:12 ft
W: 8 ft
H:3 ft
L:14 ft
W: 8 ft
H:3.5 ft
L:16 ft
W: 8 ft
H:4.5 ft
L:22 ft
W: 8 ft
H:5 ft
L:22 ft
W: 8 ft
H:6.5 ft
* Please note actual dumpster dimensions & colors may vary.
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Useful Information for Millbrae CA


Millbrae, CA was originally a country estate built in the 1860's by a gentleman named Mills, who named it Millbrae using his last name and the Scottish word brae which means rolling hills. One unusual fact about Millbrae was its' very late incorporation date, which did not occur until 1948 when the residents presented their city's charter in Sacramento. The first industries in the town were agriculture, floral culture, dairy products and porcelain manufacturing.


Millbrae is also interesting in that it has two sister cities, one located in Chile and one located in Malta. The heritage of the city is extremely important to the current residents, and this has led to the formation of the Millbrae Historical Society. This society was instrumental in saving the Millbrae train station and the historic building that has since become the Millbrae Historical Museum.


Following are additional sources of information about waste disposal, recycling, and other Millbrae resources:



City of Millbrae
621 Magnolia Avenue
Millbrae, CA 94030
(650) 259-2334


Millbrae Garbage Services

Millbrae Recycling Services

Millbrae E-Waste

Millbrae Hazardous Waste Services

Millbrae Chamber of Commerce
50 Victoria Ave, Suite 103
Millbrae, CA 94030

Millbrae Library
1 Library Avenue
Millbrae, CA 94030
(650) 697-7607